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Spring and summer are great times to refresh your home. After months of cold and dreary weather you just want to open your doors and windows and welcome in the fresh air. Let’s look at ways to revitalize your space.

Reed Diffusers

A reed diffuser is a great way to have a continuous aroma in a room or area of your home. A diffuser consists of a vessel, fragrance oil and reeds. The reeds soak up the fragrance and disperse the scent into the air. They are usually beautifully designed and add a touch of style to your décor. For summer months, consider floral or citrus scents to reinvigorate your space. Discover Acqua dell’Elba and Acqua di Portofino reed diffusers.

Room Sprays

A simple way to add a boost of scent to any room is with a room spray. If you’ve just cleaned your kitchen or bathroom, a spray is a lovely final touch. Consider a citrus boost for kitchens and a floral scent for bathrooms. Discover Acqua dell’Elba and Officina delle Essenze room sprays.

Fabric Sprays

An effective way to freshen up bedding, linens and throw pillows is with fabric sprays. A fabric spray is an ideal way to keep your bedding smelling fresh in between washes. And spraying your throw pillows is a nice way to make your guests feel comfortable. Discover Acqua dell’Elba fabric sprays in citrus and fresh marine scents.

Closet Fresheners

An effortless way to keep your closets and drawers smelling fresh is with closet or wardrobe fresheners. Whether in the form of scent cards or ceramic tablets, you simply spray your favourite fragrance on them and hang them in your closet or slip them in your drawers. Discover Acca Kappa and Farmacia SS. Annunziata closet fresheners. You may also want to try scented sachets from Lorenzo Villoresi. Filled with scented dried flowers and herbs that you can place in your drawers.


Potpourri is a charming way to add both aroma and décor to a room. Potpourri is a mixture of scented petals, barks and leaves that you can pour into a decorative bowl and display in a bathroom or living space. Discover an assortment of potpourri by Farmacia SS. Annunziata.

Scented Crystals, Beads, Stones

If you’re looking for a more contemporary approach than traditional potpourri, consider scented crystals, beads and stones by Lorenzo Villoresi. You can place these elements in a modern bowl and refresh them with essence as needed.

Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.

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