Italian Glamour

Italian women are known for their effortless beauty, style and glamour. From Sophia Loren to Isabella Rossellini to Monica Bellucci, these women embody la bella figura which not only refers to physical beauty but more so implies an authentic image.

Italian women, whether they are actresses, models, politicians, educators, or working professionals, convey confidence and passion. Couple these traits with natural beauty and you get la bella figura.

What are the secrets to looking more glamorous?

Colourful Diet

Italians enjoy quality foods, rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for luscious hair and flawless skin. Italian women tend to avoid fast food and prefer a colourful diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and, yes, even spaghetti. It’s a favourite of Sophia Loren.


Italians love sunshine especially in August, when everyone heads to the beach. In most cities and towns, walking or biking is preferred over driving. Plenty of sunshine is a healthy dose of Vitamin D.


When it comes to makeup, Italian women have a minimalist routine and prefer a more natural look – mascara, lipstick and perfume is all they need before they head out.


One way Italian women help minimize wrinkles is to slow down and take a break, whether that’s a long lunch or an afternoon walk. Italians are known to work to live, instead of live to work.


Italians are known to embrace slow fashion, which basically means quality over quantity. Women have a balanced closet – high quality basics with elevated statement pieces and minimal accessories.

Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.

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