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There are many ways to create a welcoming ambiance in your home and one way to create a continuous aroma in any room or area of your home is with a home fragrance diffuser.

A reed diffuser is simply a vessel, made up of fragrance oil and reeds. The reeds contain small pores that absorb the fragrance liquid and disperse the scent into the air. The containers are usually beautifully designed and add a touch of style to your décor.

Where to place a home diffuser?

  • You can place a home diffuser in many rooms or areas of your home.
  • If you have the space, placing one in the entrance or hallway is a great way to create a welcoming environment.
  • They are also ideal for high traffic areas like the living room and kitchen.
  • To create a more calming atmosphere, consider placing a home diffuser in your bedroom or office.
  • And let’s not forget the bathroom where you want a lasting fresh and clean scent.

Choose an area with good air circulation but not near windows or heating and air conditioner vents. Direct sunlight, heat from the radiator or an open window will affect the aromatic oils making it evaporate much faster. Placing a diffuser in the centre (or as close to the centre) of a room is the best way to get an even spread of the scent.

How to use a home diffuser?

  • Place the diffuser on a solid, flat surface to avoid tipping.
  • Insert the reeds into the vessel so that the bottoms of the sticks are submerged in the fragrance oil. The number of reeds you use will determine the strength and distance that the scent will carry.
  • Spread the reeds out as much as possible to let air circulate between them. Flip the reeds at least once a week to keep the scent strong.

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