The Power of Fragrance

When I smell tomato sauce simmering on a stove, it instantly brings me back to my childhood, watching my mom prepare Sunday lunch. Our sense of smell is so remarkable in that it easily triggers memories or feelings. Just think about a typical day and see how scent impacts your day – freshly brewed coffee, baked bread from the local bakery, your neighbour’s barbeque, or you walk by someone and the whiff of their fragrance reminds you of someone special.

It’s no wonder why companies use the power of scent.

If you’ve ever sold a home, I’ll bet the real estate agent suggested you bake cookies before an open house because the aroma of cookies makes people feel right at home. Airlines are now using fragrance to enhance passenger experience from scented towels to fragrance diffused in the cabin. Hotels are in the business to make you feel comfortable so it’s no surprise that hotels use fragrance in the main lobby, lounges and rooms.

Over the years, home fragrance has become very popular and rightly so – why wouldn’t you want your home to smell good all the time? Scented candles and home diffusers allow each room or area of your home to have a different feel.

Diffusers work by placing reeds inside the scented oil and the reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. Unlike candles you don’t have to keep an eye on diffusers. Scented candles are great for creating a mood and ideal for small spaces.

With scented candles and home diffusers you can alternate the scents for different seasons. A citrus fragrance in the spring to a woody fragrance in the winter. And you can try various scents for special occasions such as Christmas, or a dinner with friends – although your home may smell so good your guests may never want to leave.

At Gentil Scents, we carry a superb line of home fragrances and candles. All made in Italy. Browse our collection and discover the power of fragrance for your home.

Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.

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