Beauty Tips for Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us. It’s an exciting time to gather with family or friends to celebrate a couple’s nuptials. But it can also be a stressful time trying to tweak your beauty routine so that you can look your best as a guest. So, take a deep breath and let’s look at some beauty tips.


Avoid over shampooing your hair, aim for 2-3 washes a week. Don’t forget to use a conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. If your hair is especially dry, consider an overnight hair mask.

At least one week before the wedding, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to colour treat your hair for highlights or roots.


You should be applying a facial sunscreen every day. If you don’t, look for a mineral facial sunscreen. Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn and premature aging.

As part of your skincare routine, you should use a facial scrub at least twice a week to remove dry, dead skin.

For your eye brows, skip the tweezers, threading or waxing and let an aesthetician professionally shape your brows.

If you drink wine or coffee, a few weeks before the wedding, use a straw to avoid staining your teeth. And consider using toothpaste with extra whitening.


Whether you bathe or shower, avoid hot water as that can dry out your skin. Aim for lukewarm or cooler water.

Use a body scrub at least twice a week to remove dry, dead skin.

After your shower, gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing. Apply lotion within minutes of getting out of the shower to lock in moisture before it evaporates.


The key to beautiful looking hands is to keep your hands hydrated. Apply hand cream throughout the day and apply cuticle oil daily. Consider applying sunscreen to the back of your hands to help premature aging.

Schedule a manicure a few days before the wedding and opt for nails that look timeless, classic and elegant.


To care for your feet, you should regularly use a pumice stone or foot scrub to remove dry, dead skin. Apply a good foot cream every night.

If you’re planning on wearing open-toe shoes or sandals, you should schedule an appointment for a pedicure a few days before the wedding.

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Alla prossima – until next time. Arrivederci.

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